Venti Technologies

Founder & CEO Heidi Wyle (above) and MIT professors Daniela Rus and Saman Amarasinghe started Venti in Wyle’s kitchen to develop individualised, low-cost driverless vehicles and reduce transportation by a factor of ten across the globe.

Sep 18, 2023 

Congratulations Heidi Wyle of Venti Technologies – a world leader in autonomous vehicle logistics for global supply chain and industrial and logistics yards – for winning 2023 Women in Supply Chain Award. This award honors female supply chain leaders and executives whose accomplishments, mentorship and examples set a foundation for women in all levels of a company’s supply chain network.

“As someone with deep expertise introducing new technologies to the global supply chain, I have seen firsthand the importance of building a world-class team – and identifying and lifting female leaders of the future,” said Dr. Wyle. “This award recognizes Venti’s committed, diverse and highly motivated 16 nation workforce who are accomplishing the real promise of self-driving vehicles. We are increasing efficiency in industrial yards and logistics hubs, reducing transportation costs and prices to consumers, improving workplace safety, and strengthening the resilience of the global supply chain.” (See more in news release

Award announcement:

Heidi Wyle award